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imperial irrigation established its footing in the mainstream market Five years ago. The company is the first one in Canada to Provide Irrigation Engineering Services. It is also on the approved list of Canada Council of Research in Water Resources, Agriculture Development Bank of Canada, and other identical organizations.

Since its inculcation into the scenario, the company has progressed leaps & bounds by virtue of its professional approach. Imperial Irrigation avid efforts with Commercial Projects such as Sports Fields, Parks & Recreation, Golf Courses, stadiums, residential properties, commercial properties and other notable organizations has enabled the company to maintain a strong presence for high efficiency irrigation systems in British Columbia.

Imperial Irrigation is also involved in the beautification of various cities of the Province with the installation of spectacular water effect systems & fountains. The company is engaged in various horticulture works and excels at turf irrigation, thus solidifying itself as one of the leading names on the roster when it comes to irrigation.

imperial irrigation is putting in the best of efforts with the help of its team of professionals to meet the challenges of turning the gray into green.

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Our Philosophy

  • To be a leader in providing High Efficiency Irrigation Systems and related services in Canada.
  • To fully meet the expectations of our prestigious clients by delivering high quality irrigation products and services and establish market leadership in this field.
  • Rainmakers is dedicated to offer efficient irrigation products & services starting from professional designing up to execution and commissioning by our experienced Engineers skilled technicians.
  • Quality is our standard, not our goal and we continuously strive to raise the bar to new heights through expert craftsmanship, the finest materials, good work ethic of our employees and our innovative approach.
  • Rainmakers is also dedicated to serving the community with honesty, integrity, consistent and fair business practices that provide value to the customer while maintaining a conscientious eye on water conservation and management.
  • Customers: Our success depends on fulfilling the expectations of customers
  • Innovation: We implement continuous improvement in products & service delivery.
  • Integrity: We get jobs done with honesty, consistency, and integrity.
  • Performance: We deliver long-term cost effectiveness through our offerings to our clients.
  • Safety: We provide a safe workplace for our employees and ensure safe usage of our systems by clients.
  • Teamwork: All departments are inter-linked and work in tandem to achieve more, together.
  • Community and environment: We play a role of responsibility in our local economy and to the environment. We are doing our part in helping conserve the precious resource that is water.

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